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bring on the bargain! shopping for life, events and everything lovely

Christmas is only 4 days away.  I can scarcely believe it!  I thought I was so ahead of the game this year, I had all of my personal shopping done and gifts wrapped by December 5th.  It seemed like I was right on track.  But December has once again sped past and here I am, […]

Hi Friends!!  Did you have a fabulous holiday weekend?  I for one did, however I’d like to chat about this whole traditional thanksgiving feast, who planned this menu?  Where’s the chocolate?  Move over mashed potatoes and stuffing, I could certainly find some more favorable side dishes.  None the less, my weekend included these feasting favorites […]

My last couple days have been filled with thrift store shopping… which I absolutely love!  The thrill of the hunt gets me every time.  And just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean I can’t find it cheaper.  I might just take a little too much pride in scoring a great deal.  These golden pots were […]

Hey lovelies, want to go shopping?  There’s a new vintage shop in town that is just too cute!  Vintage Plus More is located on 29th Street in Grand Rapids – which is dangerously close to all of my shopping hubs, meaning I might just be stopping in there quite a bit! The shop has been […]

This new series of posts has been in the works for a while now, well, at least they’ve been an inner dialog running through my head (as so many of my posts are).  I get asked extremely frequently where I found things, what antique stores I shop at and asked for the story behind certain […]