Since I’m a wedding planner, people always seem to like to get my take on ideas and trends within the industry.  These questions and posts across the internet seem to surface most often right as we’re ringing in the New Year.  However, I want to get a little ahead of that game.  My season is […]

“How’s your summer?  How have you been?” Busy.  Without fail, it’s the first word that I blurt out of my mouth.  Followed by a deep sigh. “That’s good, good for you” is the typical response.  “Glad to hear business is good”. I’m glad of this too.  I’m thankful of how far I’ve come.  I’m thankful […]

August 23rd has historically been a popular date for weddings.  My parents were married 41 years ago on that date.  We have good friends who were wed on that date a couple years ago.  And last year, I was part of this rustically modern, rose gold infused, rainy yet perfect, party at the zoo. This […]

I don’t know if it was the change of scenery that brought about my whole new perspective on lilacs or perhaps I finally learned to open my eyes to the world around me – but either way, it seemed that the lilacs were unbelievable this year.  It seemed like every time I turned around, I […]