Once upon a time, when we used to think of usual local flowers in your décor, images of black-eyed susans and statice in vibrant rainbow colors was the first thing to pop to mind, i.e. wildflowers.  Today, floral designers across the country  have found a balance of collecting any wild bloom they can find with […]

We moved into our new house the weekend of Willa June’s first birthday.  I still don’t think life has slowed down much since that day, but needless to say, we postponed our little birthday celebration for a couple weeks so we at least could set a table and might have a few things out of […]

August has been on my mind a lot lately.  It really is a beautiful month to get married in, although it’s also a reminder that summer all too soon will be coming to an end.  Becca and John got married in August.  It was the most picturesque day.  The heat of summer was all around […]