Last week my husband and I celebrated Valentine ’s Day all week – you could say it was our week of love.  Each day, we had to give each other a small but thoughtful gift, 5 gifts in total.  I don’t know what it was like in the beginning of your relationships, but I remember […]

I started putting this cookie post together last week.  I foolishly thought it would go live Tuesday or Wednesday this week, a perfect little pop of pink and sweetness for the Valentine’s holiday.  I suppose sometimes I forget that I’m a wife, a mom, a busy floral designer in the height of her booking season, […]

I’m still holding firm that if you put good wishes out into the world, good things will come your way.  Or at least it can’t hurt. I had starting this three wishes series as a way for me to get inspired and share those inspirations with you.  I have lots of wishes, most of which […]

I used to do nearly all of my shopping in person.  I like to touch and feel and I like the experience of actually visiting a store.  Places like TJ Maxx, Homegoods and my favorite thrift and antique stores are my most shopped places – all places where online shopping isn’t really a possibility. However, […]