Wedding colors seem to come in waves.  And about three years ago we were in the middle of a purple movement.  I got bored of the color really quickly as there seemed to be very little variation in shade, design and I even had two weddings in a row wearing the same bridesmaids dresses.  This […]

The previous owners of our house did an amazing job of making sure that everything flowed from room to room.  This included matching the travertine tile on our fireplace with that on the kitchen backsplash. They used the same tile in two different shapes. However, there were two flaws with that plan. First off, even […]

I really wanted to host Thanksgiving this year.  There’s something about welcoming guests into your home that really calls to me.  I love to decorate, light all my favorite holiday scented candles and then eat a fancy meal, all while never having to put on socks or shoes. But alas, that was not in the […]

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Christmas will soon follow.  2016 will be gone in the blink of an eye.  I’m starting to get myself in to the holiday frame of mind and am always thinking ahead to the next big gathering. I won’t be playing host to any […]

It seems like a pretty straight forward question and answer.  As a bride, you have a bouquet and as a floral designer, I’m going to encourage you to have flowers around you as often as possible.  But even with something as simple as a bridal bouquet, there are logistics and moments of practicality to consider […]