August 23rd has historically been a popular date for weddings.  My parents were married 41 years ago on that date.  We have good friends who were wed on that date a couple years ago.  And last year, I was part of this rustically modern, rose gold infused, rainy yet perfect, party at the zoo. This […]

I don’t know if it was the change of scenery that brought about my whole new perspective on lilacs or perhaps I finally learned to open my eyes to the world around me – but either way, it seemed that the lilacs were unbelievable this year.  It seemed like every time I turned around, I […]

My little sister just got married.  But before the merriment of “I do’s” there is a story to be told.  It’s a lovely story, a tale of two people who have fallen in love.  It’s a story of friendship and longing.  It’s story of patience and dreams that do come true. A little birdie whispered […]

I grew up in a small town 13 miles north of Flint, Michigan.  While I realize that I’m not “from” Flint – it was not the city on my mailing address or where I went to school – it still has the draw of home.  It was my stomping grounds. That’s where I went to […]

  • Nikki

    Hi Shelby! I feel that same way!! Although my address was Swartz Creek, Flint was still ‘home’. The museums, dance recitals at the Whiting, the Flint Farmers Market, spending a ton of time with my grandma at UofM, and always excited to see what was on that giant concrete block by southwestern academy!
    Time has been detestating to Flint and her people but it’s admirable to see the comeback they are making.
    Who knew we were ‘neighbors’?! 🙌🏼ReplyCancel

My little sister is getting married. If you’re a longtime reader of this little blog, you’ll understand the impact of that one little sentence.  It symbolizes how love overcomes all.  It shows that we should never settle or give up hope.  I’m not going to dig up her dirty laundry, but rather I want to […]