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I haven’t had a wedding since the end of September.  I didn’t tackle any professional holiday decorating projects this year {did you know that I offer holiday décor services and have several restaurants and other home décor projects on my resume?}.  I finished my Christmas shopping before December 1st.  All of this should have added […]

Autumn is the time of year for gearing up and slowing down, all at the same time.  I find myself unwinding from summer’s busy wedding season and trips to the beach, I finally unpacked our suitcases and feel like I can sit back and take in a deep breath of cool crisp air.  But on […]

An embarrassingly long time ago, I started to share a vision of what my home studio space would look like (you can reminisce with me here).  We had ordered flooring, done lots of dreaming and scheming and I thought that I would begin to see the fruition of the vision.  The reality of the situation […]

The onset of slightly slower winter months means we’re finally getting around to a few home projects that have been pushed to the backburner since we moved in.  While the list will inevitably go on forever and ever, I’m glad to say that we’re finally seeing signs of progress in our master bedroom. I shared […]

I know many of you are moving full steam ahead into the new year.  But I’m not there yet.  I’m holding onto Christmas for a bit longer.  I don’t like the idea of rushing to tear my decorations down and discard my beautiful tree.  I like Christmas to linger on as long as possible. I […]