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Jarvie is a city girl with heartstrings tied to Northern Michigan. Hank’s heart is linked straight to Jarvie. His passion for her is evident in the small smile creeps across his lips while she speaks, the stolen glances he casts her way while she’s not looking and the strong silence that stood beside her as […]

It is really interesting working with a bride who shares your name.  All day long I kept hearing, “Shelby!” but no one was talking to me.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I answered and then was immediately embarassed.  This day was not about me.  This day belonged to another beautiful bride. […]

There’s nothing more exciting to me than creating something beautiful and yet functional.  Creating something that celebrates real life the that moments that happen within it.   I think we need to vanquish the idea of the empty table.  No more heartless styled shoots.  We need to celebrate life as it happens. My little sister […]

The sensual side of being a woman.  That’s what I’d really like to entitle this project.  It’s not about raunchy, racy photos of women in the nude but a reminder that we’re all beautiful and our own kind of sexy.   It’s about the lingering glance behind long lashes.   It’s the she simplicity of […]