The reasons behind creating a piece of art vary from time to time.  Sometimes it’s to stifle a creative itch.  Sometimes its the cure for boredom.  At times, it’s simply to experiment with a new flower or design.  And at times, it’s just for beauty’s sake. During the slow winter months, dreams of miraculous blooms […]

I’m having flashbacks to the time that was a wedding planner, floral designer, did 4 heads of hair and was the matron of honor all on the same day.  That’s multitasking at its finest. As someone who has the professional abilities to do all of these things – even professionally style hair – I can’t […]

Wedding colors seem to come in waves.  And about three years ago we were in the middle of a purple movement.  I got bored of the color really quickly as there seemed to be very little variation in shade, design and I even had two weddings in a row wearing the same bridesmaids dresses.  This […]

The previous owners of our house did an amazing job of making sure that everything flowed from room to room.  This included matching the travertine tile on our fireplace with that on the kitchen backsplash. They used the same tile in two different shapes. However, there were two flaws with that plan. First off, even […]

I really wanted to host Thanksgiving this year.  There’s something about welcoming guests into your home that really calls to me.  I love to decorate, light all my favorite holiday scented candles and then eat a fancy meal, all while never having to put on socks or shoes. But alas, that was not in the […]