I got up early this morning to do a little writing and try to catch up on life before the rest of the house sprung to life.  I quietly crept out of bed, shimmied past the dog and sneaked into the bathroom. I kept the lights off and made my way to the coffee maker […]

I have a confession, I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day.  In grade school, I was always passed over and didn’t get as many Valentines.  In high school, I was never sent flowers or found myself the object of anyone’s affections.  And I’ve never been in a relationship with someone who showered me in […]

I’ve gotten to know Olivia over the years as we’ve collaborated on several photography projects as she’s the most gorgeous model.  But there’s nothing quite as sweet as working on a real wedding. Since she had been exposed to so many pretty projects, Olivia had a great eye and knew exactly what she wanted.  Simply […]

Each month has a birth flower.  Similar to a birth stone, but in floral form.  I find the history, tradition and meaning behind flowers really interesting.  So I thought it would be really fun to focus a post and arrangement each month on the corresponding bloom. The only snag in my plan was that I […]

The onset of slightly slower winter months means we’re finally getting around to a few home projects that have been pushed to the backburner since we moved in.  While the list will inevitably go on forever and ever, I’m glad to say that we’re finally seeing signs of progress in our master bedroom. I shared […]