Easter is this Sunday!  Did you know that?  That’s a mere four days from now!!!  I am starting to hit panic mode as I am helping my mother’s church with their Easter breakfast and guess who’s in charge of the décor?  You guessed it. But I am having designer’s block (you know, like writer’s block, […]

Which came first, the venue or the “theme”? It’s a common question; brides are not sure if they should have an overall theme or feel, paired with colors and an elaborate vision first, or if they should select the venue and let that dictate everything else about the wedding. I personally do not think there […]

Do you know who you are?  I mean, really know who you are???  Think about what makes you tick, your motivation in life and where you are headed down the road.  Now list three words or phrases that describe you (don’t think real long, just quick, what first jumps into your mind?) Was one of […]

I consider myself a creative individual.  I like coming up with original ideas.  However, I am beginning to feel like there are no truly innovative ideas left.  In this world of technology, where everyone shares everything via the internet (whether it be Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or whatever), so many ideas are swapped that life has […]

What if we turned St Patrick’s Day into a day of romance?  What would it be like waking up to a quaint little breakfast for two?  A sweet Sunday morning… so without further ado, I bring you: Event Design & Florals by The Day’s Design Have a romantic Sunday!  And you can click here if […]