Does this sound like someone you know or (gulp)…you??? “I want this color, and those flowers, and the super expensive dress with the best photographer to capture all my painstaking details, and we better hire an awesome make-up artist so my face can look perfect.  And my bridesmaids, well the can wear what I tell […]

I debated on whether to share these pictures or not.  So here’s my disclaimer:  This is NOT my best work, it was a great idea for a great cause.  I know as event planners we should always showcase our best work… that is what our website/blog is here for, it is an advertising platform.  However, […]

Last week I shared how stressed I was about the upcoming Easter holiday.  Quick looks on Pinterest and Google results lead me nowhere.  I found a few pretty pictures, but nothing was really what I was searching for.  I was leaving on Thursday for my parent’s house, on Sunday I would be decorating for their […]

As I was sitting in church Easter Sunday, thinking about the violent and gruesome details surrounding the death of our Savior, I could not help but wonder where did this cheery, pastel, Easter bunny, egg loving version of Easter come from?  While I do agree that Easter is a cheerful occasion, as the darkness that […]

Easter is this Sunday!  Did you know that?  That’s a mere four days from now!!!  I am starting to hit panic mode as I am helping my mother’s church with their Easter breakfast and guess who’s in charge of the décor?  You guessed it. But I am having designer’s block (you know, like writer’s block, […]