Vintage weddings have been all the rage for the past few years now.  There’s something oh-so-charming and nostalgic about incorporating items from the past into your décor.  I do it in my personal décor, as well as with events.  But what defines the event as “vintage”? More and more vendors seem to be popping up […]

Something gorgeous happened in downtown Grand Rapids Wednesday that we simply cannot wait to share! An urban city venue combined with lots of sparkles, amazing shoes and other fabulously girly delights – there’s so much to swoon over, but we’ll just tease you with this little sneak peek for now!! West Michigan has some amazing […]

Take a little step back in time with me, I actually wrote this post yesterday (Tuesday) morning but you get to read it now! I’m a last minute planner… it’s true.  My day today will be spend scrambling around doing last minute errands and crafting last minute details for tomorrow’s completely fabulously glitzy photo shoot. […]

Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching, marking the unofficial start to summer.  There’s something magical about summer… longer days, warmer weather and an overall feeling of happy, let’s go to the beach! But with those longer days comes more to cram into your schedule.  Graduation parties, weddings and backyard barbeques take up our free time.  […]

After I completed yesterday’s post all about wedding invitation etiquette, the thought hit me… why?  Why do we have all these invitation rules and who decided that this was proper etiquette?  So naturally, I Googled it.  I how can I talk to you about something that I don’t even know the history behind? What I […]