Christmas is only 4 days away.  I can scarcely believe it!  I thought I was so ahead of the game this year, I had all of my personal shopping done and gifts wrapped by December 5th.  It seemed like I was right on track.  But December has once again sped past and here I am, […]

Tonight I am headed to my one and only holiday party of 2016.  It’s the singular chance I’ll have this holiday season to get dressed up. I feel like I need to make my outfit selection amazing because after this, I’ll be back to my standard black leggings and winter boots until April rolls around. […]

The reasons behind creating a piece of art vary from time to time.  Sometimes it’s to stifle a creative itch.  Sometimes its the cure for boredom.  At times, it’s simply to experiment with a new flower or design.  And at times, it’s just for beauty’s sake. During the slow winter months, dreams of miraculous blooms […]

I’m having flashbacks to the time that was a wedding planner, floral designer, did 4 heads of hair and was the matron of honor all on the same day.  That’s multitasking at its finest. As someone who has the professional abilities to do all of these things – even professionally style hair – I can’t […]

Wedding colors seem to come in waves.  And about three years ago we were in the middle of a purple movement.  I got bored of the color really quickly as there seemed to be very little variation in shade, design and I even had two weddings in a row wearing the same bridesmaids dresses.  This […]