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I’ve had a fairly busy month of March so far.  Actually, it’s been surprisingly really busy but really good.   And wrapping up my busy month is an event I’m really excited to be a first time participant in, Grand Rapids Art Museum’s  Art in Bloom. 19 floral artists have been asigned paintings or works […]

I have a confession, I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day.  In grade school, I was always passed over and didn’t get as many Valentines.  In high school, I was never sent flowers or found myself the object of anyone’s affections.  And I’ve never been in a relationship with someone who showered me in […]

The previous owners of our house did an amazing job of making sure that everything flowed from room to room.  This included matching the travertine tile on our fireplace with that on the kitchen backsplash. They used the same tile in two different shapes. However, there were two flaws with that plan. First off, even […]

I am almost certain I’ve been living in a time warp.  The days are flying by so quickly, I can’t seem to keep up on life, much less this journal.  There so many events that I want to share, so much to talk about and in the blink of an eye, I’m posting content that’s […]

Yesterday was the warmest day we’ve seen so far this year and it was as if the whole world simply came bursting back to life.  Neighbors were in the streets, yards were being raked and the snow mounds bordering my lawn shrunk to the point that I can now see the tops of cars passing […]